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Archive for April, 2013


2013 iStock Analyst Article

According to Ryan Farris, President, EarthIntegrate, “Pando was selected by our newest customer because of its unique ability to provide access to highly sensitive, heavily regulated collateral and customize each piece for on-demand distribution.  Our team of industry experts also …


2013 Keeping Customers is Cheaper Than Creating Conversion Article

According to a study conducted by Bain and Co., the cost of acquisition for a new customer can be 600-700% more expensive than retaining an existing customer. This is not surprising to anyone….


2013 Pando Integrated with Siebel Article

“A big piece of our business is custom integration,” said Ryan Farris the President of EarthIntegrate. “Despite this, most of our customers can start using Pando in 3 to 6 months. “…