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Ryan Farris Bio

Ryan Farris – Brief Biography (by Amanda Elam)

It can be said of many successful organizations that they were only as successful as the driving force behind them was innovative – Ryan Farris possesses a unique blend of innovation, inspiration, business sense and marketing expertise – all of the ingredients to lead in the marketing technology space.

It is well-known within the organization that Ryan does not accept “not possible” as a response.  There is always a solution, always another option and often a better way than status quo.  With his trademarked “All’s ya gotta do” laid back style of motivation, the people that work with Ryan understand the expectation is to always be better and look for more from themselves and their technology.

Ryan Farris found a love for technology before he found his first career and leveraged this passion to help pay for college by starting a Web Development company 90’s.  Selling the assets of that company Ryan moved into the corporate world where he went through a 3 year leadership development program.  With natural leadership skills and an eye for process improvement, Ryan quickly moved up within the organization.  He began to realize the importance technology would play in streamlining business functions and maximizing efficiency and with this unique perspective was given the opportunity to structure and develop a technology group for a $1.2 billion company. This technology group grew into a $144,000,000 division of the company – Ryan led this group through over 500 technology implementations and consulted many of these clients on ways to improve their overall business processes.

Ryan Farris then moved on to start an more robust marketing technology company and manages marketing initiatives which became a leader in the financial industry helping transform their marketing systems.  This company was acquired 5 years later.

While Ryan certainly has a passion for business, he also has a passion for People and those with intellectual and physical disabilities.  Ryan and his wife Jody founded, developed and launched urTalker in 2011 to help non-verbal individuals communicate through an app.

With his combined years of experience, Ryan Farris is a knowledgeable consultant in several areas including technology implementation, business growth, marketing automation, business process improvement and sales force automation.

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